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» User and system requirements

Work Package 1: User and system requirements

The objectives of WorkPackage 1:
  • To identify and map user groups and the functional requirements for the integrated;
  • To formulate concrete data requirements for water quantity and quality, air pollution and health indicators, together with the required level of data and information services and the required presentation (maps, graphs, animations, tabular);
  • To initialise and set up a user community of stakeholders who follow the achievements of the project.

Within the lenvis project, services are designed and developed bearing in mind the end users and their requirements; citizens and professionals in Europe and in particular youngsters: Generation Y. All potential users, and in particular, Generation Y have been involved in an early stage of the project. User requirements have been established in the three case study countries: Italy, Portugal and The Netherlands, making use of questionnaires, interviews, meetings and workshops.


The young generation has been interviewed on their interests, wishes and future expectations with respect to water, air and health information. More than 250 youngsters completed the questionnaire which was developed for their age group. The children (8-12, and 13-16 year olds) were asked to draw what they think the lenvis user interface should look like.

Generation-Y end-users fill out the lenvis questionnaire


The main outcomes of the user requirements are the need for:

  • Provision of up-to-date localised environmental data;
  • Meteorological and air quality models for forecasts and simulation;
  • Water quality and quantity models for forecasts, alert and simulation;
  • Health exposure and risk assessment models;
  • Business intelligence tools applied to environmental data and information

Sander Loos (left), and on the right Ramiro Neves explaining the bathing water quality information sign during one of the end-user workshops in Lisbon.

All the results of the user requirements project phase can be found on this website in Report: "D1.2 User requirements report".

Together with the professional end users an overview of data sources and data providers that are relevant for the lenvis case studies has been prepared. The results can be found on this website, in Report: "D1.3 State-of-the-art overview of data sources and data providers".

Currently testing of lenvis outcomes is done in WorkPackage. User groups are involved in Italy, Portugal and The Netherlands for different testing procedures. A seminar with users is scheduled for 30 September 2010, when users will be informed on their evaluation so far, and be invited to remain active for the next phase of the project.


During the user requirement phase multiple end-user group meetings and direct bilateral meetings were held. This has resulted in an active usergroup for advice and testing during the remainder of the lenvis project. User are kept involved in the project, by participating in the testing phase, and by receiving the newsletter of the project.


Ioana Popescu
UNESCO-IHE, Institute for Water Education